Do you ever wonder if you should be a Republican?  Do you find yourself in another party or not affiliating with a party but quietly agreeing with many of the positions expressed by your Republican friends or with Republican leaders?  

All too often party affiliation is passed down from one generation to the next as if a family heirloom. If that is not bad enough, pundits, candidates, and elected officials create inaccurate caricatures of their opponents.  Many are left to throw their hands up in disgust and bewilderment thinking "Who do I believe? and "What is the truth?"

Here is the answer to the dilemma.  The pulse of a political party is found in their current party platform.  This document is a snapshot in time reflecting the Party's mindset and how they plan to govern.  What better source of information could there be to determine to which party you should belong? Taken directly from recent events and Party Platforms, the Political Challenge test linked below, can help you determine which party you should support. 

We, the Klickitat County Republicans, are comprised of Precinct Committee Officers, our Executive Board, and all dues paying Republican Party members in the county.

Meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the Second Tuesday of every Month.  The location will shift from mid, west and east county.  The Jan meeting is 1/24 at the Community Center in Dallesport, WA.