The purpose of our website and Facebook page is to:

  • Provide a window into Klickitat County Republican activities
  • Define "Republican" without typical mischaracterizations
  • Demonstrate  that Republican ideals and values better align with the general public's than those of any other party
  • Establish a centralized portal to access Republican government officials and election candidates, helpful news outlets, and critical party and government documents
  • Invite and welcome others to join us in helping to steer government to truly represent "We the People".
  • Create a place for the public to influence their government that all too often overly influences them  
  • Educate citizens about our government, elected officials, and candidates for office

Website Created in 2016 By Steve Kenny

The April KCR meeting will be held at  the High Prairie Community Center  Tuesday, 4/10 at 6pm.  All   Klickitat County Republicans are invited.

A big thanks to all who helped put on or attended our annual Lincoln Day Dinner.  It was a big success